Monkeypox are being reported in different parts of the world including US and India

The first outbreak of Monkeypox was among group of monkeys kept for research in 1958. But monkeys are not necessarily the source of the disease. But rodents and monkeys can be carriers of the virus.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic (diseases that can be transmitted from animals and from humans) infection caused by the monkey pox virus.

WHO informs that monkeypox incubation period is 6-13 days, before you can see any symptoms. After 5 days fever may occur, then within 3 days skin eruption can happen.

Infectivity of monkeypox is less compared to covid, but it can be fatal for children. Infection occurs after prolonged exposure with an infected person.

Initial symptoms are fever, intense headache, swelling of lymph nodes, back pain, muscle pains, lack of energy. People may experience skin rashes also.

. Wash hands with soap and avoid touching infected surfaces. . Avoid direct contact with an infected person. Especially skin to skin touch is to be avoided.


Health agencies are advising to wear masks to further enhance the protection against monkey pox.

As of now Small pox vaccines are found to be effective for monkey pox as well.