Warren Buffett Wants His $96 billion Spent within 10 years of His Death. Every Child in India Might Get a Share!

Warren Buffett with Bill and Melinda Gates

Warren Buffett has always been in news for the good reasons. Latest News coming out is that, he wants his fortune to be spent on all the children on planet earth!

Wall Street Journal investigation suggest that Warren Buffett’s net worth is $96.8 Billion as of now. Buffett’s had given away 85% of his company’s shares to Gates Foundation for charity. Now in 2022, he is planning to give away 99% of his remaining wealth to other charities across the globe.

Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation have been expecting the full amount of both Buffett’s pledged shares and remaining unpledged shares. Warren Buffett recently wrote to the foundation that he is “irrevocably committing to make annual gifts of Berkshire Hathaway ‘B’ shares throughout my lifetime.” But it is unclear what would happen to the remainig wealth at the time of his death.

However, the Gates foundation has been analysing and surveying where to invest the huge sum of money that is coming from Buffett and other philanthropists.

Warren Buffett’s Wealth Contribution to Indian Children

Observers suggest that one of the proposition that they are considering is to make a savings account for the children across the globe. The amount that will be allocated is not yet finalised. But the insiders suggest that it will be a locker waiting for demanding circumstances to arise for children’s causes from across the globe.

Bill Gates in his personal note via GatesNotes mentions that they have already invested more than $1 Billion in India. He also observes that half of world’s underweight children are living in India. Currently, the foundation is investing into the nutrition needs among children in the states of UP and Bihar. The observers expects that the new chunk of money for the children will largely benefit India.

Warren Buffett’s Wealth Distribution Strategy

The Wall Street Journal points out that in Buffett plans to give out 99% of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

Buffett is turning 92 this year. Although quite elderly, he has not disclosed the details of his wealth distribution after his death. The observers also note that his pledge letter was not clear about the details. But Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, a family charity is hiring huge number of staff to handle a great influx of money. It could be expecting a great deal of share from Warren Buffett for itself.

Although, there is not much clarity about the wealth transfer, if the Gates foundation does receive what it is expecting from Buffett it can be a great blessing to children across the globe. It can help bridge the socio economic gaps for children in many countries across the globe.


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