What is Special About Toyota Hyryder Hybrid Version?

Toyota’s Urban Cruiser Hyryder Hybrid was announced and has created lot of curiosity among the customers who are looking for a medium level SUV. The interest is further enhanced by the variety of features that the Hyryder is offering. There are number of common questions that the customers have, which we are answering in this article.

Is Toyota Hyryder electric?

The Urban Cruiser Toyota Hyryder will run on engines sourced from Maruti Suzuki.

Toyota Hyryder mainly has two versions: one normal petrol version called Neodrive and one self charging hybrid electric electric version called Hybrid. That is Toyotoa Hyryder is electic, but not in the popular sense. Under the Neodrive version, the car is offered in 4 variants: E,S,G, and V. But under the Hybrid version E variant is not available.

This SUV is expected to be good competition of for Kia Seltos, and Hyundai Creta. Hyryder is offered both in monotone and dual tone look.

Toyota Hyryder Dual Tone

What is a Hybrid version in Toyota Hyryder?

Hybrids have both petrol engine and battery set for electric drive. But the owner does not have to charge the battery by plugging in like an electric car. The battery is self-charged as the car is driven. That means it can give high petrol efficiency, especially in city roads where traffic jams are usual.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

Is the Hybrid Version of Toyota Hyryder More Economic?

Hybrid cars are generally cheaper than full electric (e vehicle) vehicles. But they are usually costlier than common petrol or diesel vehicles.

The car will give a 25 km fully e drive without using petrol. The companies call it a silent mode as well. Although the mileage of the car is not officially announced, it is expected to be around 25 km/hr.

Is the Hybrid cars more fuel efficient than other versions? The attempt of the car maker is to make the car more fuel efficient than other petrol or diesel versions. This is achieved by the self-charging facility with additional batteries set up in the car. It is generally observed that Hybrid cars are more efficient in city drive, where you have to face lot of traffic. The charging of the batteries is further helped by the constant application of brakes in the bumper to bumper travel routines in city.

However, critics point out that these cars do not give efficiency as much as the car maker wants it to.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Official Video

Is Maruti Brezza and Toyota Hyryder the same?

Both Brezza and Hyryder are built on the same platform. But it is no way comparable with each other. This is due to the features that are loaded into Hyryder such as Hybrid, AWD, etc. Hyryder has a more mature look and has some visual similarity with Brezza at the back. The Hybrid version will not have AWD but FWD. FWD (Front Wheel Drive) are generally more fuel efficient than AWD. It is expected to be cost efficient as well.

Panoramic Roof

Toyota Hyryder Price, Launch Date and Time

Price of Toyota Hyryder will be announced in August when the vehicle will be officially launched. Booking is open for customers with Toyota dealers. You can pay Rupees 25,000 and book Toyota Hyryder. The vehicle is expected to reach the customers from October 18.

  1. What is the price range of Toyota Hyryder Hybrid?

    Toyota Hyryder Hybrid price is not officially announced. But it is expected to be between 11 lakh to 19 lakhs.

  2. Is the Toyota Hyryder Hybrid fully electric?

    Hybrid version is not fully electric. It has petrol tank as well. The vehicle can be used in the fully electric mode occasionally.

  3. Do you have to charge the Toyota hybrid on an electric point?

    Toyota Hyryder Hybrid does not have to be charged through an electric socket. It has self charging batteries.


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