India's Golden Boy has a Secret!

Neeraj Chopra's Inspiration

Recently the fans came to know of Neeraj Chopra's secret Inspiration!

His name is jan zelezny

Jan Zelezny from Czech Republic

He is the Czech Javelin master in the Javelin throw field. Železný has the world record of 98.48 metres  in the Javelin sport, set in 1996. 

Jan Zelezny from Czech Republic

Zelezny also has the World Championships record of 92.80 metres.

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Jan Zelezny from Czech Republic

This short heighted man was not considered the best body type for the Javelin sport! But he overcame it with special routine practice!

Jan Zelezny from Czech Republic

He sometimes would stand in the practice ground with the final posture of throw for hours and time and again!

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Jan Zelezny: Master of Javelin

He mastered the art of converting his body momentum to the javelin! His body created a muscle memory to put all the energy in that final action.

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Jan Zelezny 

The final posture of Zelezny would make him look like a bow about to shoot an arrow. In this perfected art of throwing javelin he covered a distance of 98.48 metres once!

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