Shakira Facing Tax Evasion Trial Due to Her Separation from Gerard Pique?

Shakira Facing Tax Evasion Trial in Spain

Pop star Shakira is in soup for alleged tax evasion in Spain. If the allegations are proved she can face upto eight years in prison term. Spanish prosecuters are said they would approach the court for recovering the money from Shakira.

Shakira’s Tax Evasion Case is from 2012 to 2014

The alleged amount of tax is 14.5 million euros ($15 million). The prosecutors claim that she failed to pay the huge amount of tax between 2012 and 2014. They are also seeking a 24 million euros in fine from Shakira as well.


The tax claim is due to her stay in Barcelona from 2012 and 2014. They insist that as she stayed in Spain for more than 6 months during that period, she should have paid the tax in Spain itself. However, team Shakira reject that suggestion saying that she did not stay in Spain during the same period. Her primary place of residence is marked as the Bahamas.

Response of Shakira on the Case

Responding to this Shakira’s Spanish PR team said that the singer has already deposited the amount she owes and the 3 million euros in interest.

Her international team of publicists claimed on Friday that Shakira “has always cooperated and abided by the law, demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and a tax payer.” Her team further accused Spanish Tax Agency for violating her rights.

The prosecutors levelled six charges against the pop star. She rejected prosecutors’ settlement deal and opted for trial. The trial date is not yet set.

Shakira: Full Name, Place, Age, Family

Shakira’s full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. She is born on 2 February 1977. That is she is 45 year old now. Shakira’s place of birth is Barranquilla. Shakira ended her 11 year relationship with Gerard Pique, the FC Barcelona star. She has two children with him. They had their home in Barcelona. Some of Shakira’s famous songs are ‘Whenever Wherever’, ‘Try Everything,’ ‘hips don’t lie,’ etc.

Now observers are asking, is it due to her separation from Gerard Pique that she has to endure the legal battle? Is it a retaliatory move from the Barcelona legal team? The case has surfaced from 2018 itself, although she decided to go for trial only now. What is Gerard Pique’s take on the issue?

What do you thing about it? Please comment with your opinion!


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