Jan Zelezny: Neeraj Chopra’s Secret Inspiration!

. Neeraj Chopra’s best throw in Paavo Nurmi Games!

. Neeraj Chopra Poses with his Teenage Inspiration

Jan Zelezny: Neeraj Chopra’s Secret Inspiration!

Neeraj Chopra has been the inspiration for millions of Indian sports fans across the globe. He caught people’s imagination with his Olympic Medal. Neeraj Chopra’s best throw happened at Paavo Nurmi  Games on 14 June 2022. The personal record was made at 89.30 metres. He bagged silver behind Oliver Helander.

Recently, his fans got a  sneek peak into his inspiration in the field of Javelin throw. Neeraj Chopra is not considered to have a perfect body for the sport by experts. But he rewrote the expert opinion by the sheer inspiration and close observation of his idol!

Neeraj Chopra with Jan Zelezny and Oliver Helander

Who is this Neeraj Chopra’s Secret Inspiration?

Not many people in India must have heard of Jan Zelezny until now. He is the Czech Javelin master in the Javelin throw field. Železný has the world record of 98.48 metres  in the Javelin sport, set in 1996. He also has the World Championships record of 92.80 metres.

Zelezny’s youtube videos were consumed by the younger Neeraj Chopra on a daily basis. He was so inspired by Zelezny because, this short heighted man was not considered the best body type for Javelin throw. But with consistent and rigorous practice, he achieved what he did in Javelin Sport.

What was the Unique Feature of Zelezny’s Routine?

Zelezny had a unique 17 step pre-launch routine that became an obsession of the village boy from Khandra. Sports fans consider Zelezny’s routine to be a work of art! Biomechanists who work with elite athletes find it fascinating.

Zelezny’s first 15 steps were very fast so that his body momentum would give a significant push to the javelin. Then the javelin left his hand to soar high and fly the farthest distance!. Even as he was fast in the initial step, he was also suitably slow in his approach. This balanced approach would help him to pull off the final delicate but complicated action involving his body. The final posture of the athlete made him look like a bow, ready to shoot an arrow! In this perfected manner he threw upto a length of 98.48 metres!

Neeraj Chopra in Finland

The 24 year old Neeraj Chopra (follow Neeraj chopra’s insta account)was very excited to share his time with Jan Zelezny and Oliver Helander in Finland. He took photos with them. With an image of Jan Zelezny, Oliver Helander and Neeraj Chopra in single frame, Thomas Roehler (yet another javelin gold medallist!) writes in instagram “Five Olympic golds in one picture”

Neeraj Chopra in Finland

Neeraj Chopra went on to win gold in Kuortane Games in Finland as well. He had a serious fall in Kuortane Games. Chopra later confirmed that he is completely hale and healthy!

He is looking forward to Diamond League season starting on June 30. This game is happening in Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

Did Neeraj Chopra break the Olympic record?

Neeraj Chopra’s earlier national record was 88.07m which he had set in Patiala in March last year. He had won the Tokyo Olympics gold with a throw of 87.58m on August 7, 2021. But what is the best record of Neeraj Chopra? The answer is in Paavo Nurmi Games he broke his own record to throw a distance of 89.3 metres.

Who Holds the Javelin World Record?

Jan Zelezny holds the Javelin World record with a distance of 98.48 metres. But it is Uwe Hohn (1962) who threw the maximum distance in Javelin throw as per written records. distance was 104.8 metres.



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