Durlabh Kashyap Life Story: Teenage Don in Ujjain City

Durlabh Kashyap: The Teenage Don

Durlabh Kashyap chose the criminal path at a very young age. He was only a teenager of 16 yrs when he chose to be a gangster. It was as if he decided not to study and become a doctor, business man, or any other profession, but to be a gangster.

Durlabh Kashyap was born on 8 November 2000 in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Durlabh Kashyap

Durlabh Kashyap’s Unique Style

Durlabh Kashyap had a unique style to have a ganster look. He had red tika on his forehead, black kajal in his eyes and black scarf on his shoulder. Though he looked innocent, he was the notorious ganster of Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh. He was murdered on the night of September 6, 2020 at around 2pm in a gang war in Helavadi area. History-sheeters named Shahnawaz and Shadab attacked with a knife while Durlabh was drinking tea at a local tea shop. They had old enmity to settle. One of his companion’s were badly injured.

Durlabh Kashyap’s Childhood

Gangster Durlabh Kashyap’s father was a business man and his mother was a teacher in Government school in Ujjain. Durlabh was the only son they had. When other children dreamt of reaching higher posts or similar things in life, Durlabh would post his photos with weapons on social media.

Durlabh Kashyap: the Notorious Don in Ujjain

His unique appearance and bold photos attracted lots of local youths. Hundreds of youth joined him to be a gang. They all adopted Durlabh’s style of attire. The influence of social media was very huge on this youngsters.  His gang would create ruckus in the area. They extorted and looted the public. Durlabh had 9 criminal cases registered against him by the age of 18.

He had publicly posted in his Social Media profile that he is a notorious crook, murderer and criminal. People were asked to contact him for settling any dispute or enmity.

Durlabh Kashyap created panic among people by posting such posts on social media. Police arrested Durlabh and 23 of this gang members on coming to know such activity. When Durlabh Kashyap was in jail, Ujjain SP Sachin Atulkar told him that “You have raised a lot of enmity at a young age, you are alive till you are in jail, if you come out, someone will kill you”

Durlabh Kashyap’s Death

On the night of 6 September 2020, Durlabh’s mother had made dal baati for her son and his friends. They all sat together and ate dinner, after which Durlabh reached Aman alias Bhura’s shop to have tea and cigarette with four of his friends. .

It was around one and a half in the night, where Shahnawaz, Shadab, Irfan, Raja, Rameez and many of their accomplices of the other gang were already present. Due to old enmity, both of them started staring at each other and Durlabh had an argument with Shahnawaz. Shahnawaz and his accomplices attacked him with knives, Durlabh opened fire on Shahnawaz which hit his shoulder, injuring him.

After this, Shahnawaz’s gang attacked Durlabh and his friends furiously. Durlabh had only four friends with him, but Shahnawaz had many more people with him. They attacked Durlabh with knives while his friends ran for life.

Durlabh was stabbed 34 times with knives and died at the age of just 20.

The main accused in the Durlabh murder case also died in jail. The reports say that he jumped from the roof top and suffered severe head injury. He passed away in the hospital.

Durlabh Kashyap Songs

People listen to Durlabh Kashyap songs from internet. These are songs dedicated to the don sung by other singers.

Seven months after the death of Durlabh Kashyap, his mother Padma also passed away. Durlabh Kashyap’s father Manoj Kashyap wants that no other youth should choose the path of crime in which his son went.


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