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6 Important Things to Ask before you buy a Phone Cover

Most of the smart phones get damaged or gets ugly due to the constant accidental drops. A survey says an average smartphone user drops their device 4 times in a week. Many people will testify that they drop their phone even more than that. When you consider the money spent in buying these devices, it will be smart to protect them from these inevitable accidents!

This is where the role of a phone cover comes in. For many people, phone cover is a mere accessory to show off.  But in reality a phone cover should be the first level of protection for your style statement gadget!

Phone Cover

Six Important things to Ask Before You Buy a Phone Cover

1. Does the Phone Cover Protect the Body of Your Smartphone?

Protecting your smart phone for an average 2 to 3 years should be your motive in selecting a given case. It can be a back cover or a flip cover. However, often people end up buying attractive covers which do not give adequate protection. Many of the good looking covers can be poor material case which has attractive images embossed. If you are buying online, the selection can be very deceptive.  

Phone screen suffers the  immediate and maximum damage if you drop your phone. Although, manufacturers are coming up with better quality phone screens, they cannot often withstand an average 208 drops per year ( average 4 in a week)! The screen change is the costliest repair for a smart phone. Often it can be around 10 to 20 percent of your original phone price!

Corners are the second area where a fall can cause damage. Although, this may not cause immediate malfunctioning of the device, it can make your style statement a poor show!

When you buy a phone cover, it should be able to protect the screen and the corners very well.

2. Does the Case Cause Overheating of Your Phone?

Some phone covers have a tendency to heat up your device. Overheating can reduce the life span of the device whether it is android or iphone devices. Sometimes, it can even cause accidents. 

Overheating is not a direct result of using phone cover. But it can be a contributory factor at times. This is especially when the case is made of rubber. This can also be caused when there is no air ventilation for built in within the back cover / flip cover. Air ventilation is done by built in holes in the case, creating more spacing between the case and the phone itself or with heat dissipating pads within the case. These days many brands have cases that provide adequate heat protection.

3. Can You Use a Temper Glass Along with the Case?

It is mandatory to have a temper glass on a phone to give an extra layer of protection to the screen and display of your phone. However, many phone covers cannot be used properly if a temper glass is already installed. It is often due to the poor planning of the case manufacturers. If the size of the case is not made to accommodate the temper glass, it will either not fit in or the corners of the temper glass may peel off and cause bubbles in the screen surface. This can give rise to an unpleasant social experience when you are in a gathering. 

As people use public display of their latest smart phone to show off their status, wealth or position, it is a great habit to keep the phone clean!

4. Is the Cover too Thick and Cause Bulking Up of the Phone?

Many phone covers are beautiful and gives adequate protection, but make the phone very bulky to hold. This causes bad experience with your phone. On an average, a person holds the phone for 5-6 hours in a day! That is a long time to hold a bulky object in your hand.

Phones are to be thin enough to slide into your hands or pockets and thick enough to have a good grip.

5. Does the Phone Cover Offer Easy Access of Buttons, Ports, Camera and Sensors?

Many phone covers often prevent an easy access of verious buttons or camera etc. When you use some of the covers, it becomes difficult to charge the phone or use ear phones. Some covers even over-cover the camera area that you are not able to use the camera efficiently. Whereas another group of covers leave the camera edges exposed for scratches. 

A good phone cover will have all its buttons, camera, ports, etc well protected and easily accessible.

6. What are the Bonus Features that the Cover Offer?

Although bonus features can come at a higher price, many phone covers offer features such as magnet lock, hanging tags, extra battery holder, card slots, convertible media stand, extra flash light, etc. Some covers offer cartoon characters, movie themes, etc built into the case. Some flip covers have screen display flowing into the flap as well. However, this feature is often accomplished with the help of third party apps, which may not be a clean ad free app. 

The phone cover is a necessary accessory that can enhance the value and experience of your smart phone. However, we should consider good quality covers as we spend a handsome amount for smart phone every two years. The thumb rule in selecting a phone cover would be to go for a good brand which offers good quality and ready for replacement or return on your request in a reasonable period of time. 


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